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Lighting and Explosions and Stuff by Sparkleswords Lighting and Explosions and Stuff by Sparkleswords
Mm...basically I decided to practice dramatic lighting and got a wee bit carried away. I don't even know exactly what's going on here, I'd have to guess that her spaceship got boarded or something. Nina isn't even a combat-type person, so whatever. 

I think I did a decent job? This is certainly the most ambitious thing I've done digitally, but with my limited experience (and program...) I think it's quite good. I wish I could have figured out the background a little better, but it works well enough. And it was more about character lighting anyway.

If anybody knows how to make SketchBook Express work good...please give me some tips? I'm hoping to get Pro, but, y'know. Money. :P

Drawn in SketchBook Express
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apples-ishness Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist

Good job with the pose! The character's pose and expression is very convincing and adds impact to the dramatic scene.

There is a good use of dramatic lighting but you can go even further by deepening the darkened areas and amplifying light sources. Remember to add cast shadows to areas such as the base of the arm or the gun's shadow reflecting over the character's body. Here are some inspirational tutorials that might help:
Light and shadow (  Video Tutorial ) by yuchenghong    Giant Shading Tutorial by TamberElla    How to...draw light by AmeDvleec

Try experimenting with a different colour for the shading instead of using black. For a more dramatic effect you could use a red tone for shading; since the current colour palette uses mostly cooler colours it will be quite an impact to add a warm colour for the shading. Might sound counterintuitive but give it a try :)

Also, don't worry too much about what program you are using. Focus more on harnessing your basic drawing skills - then no matter what program you're using, you'll be reassured that you created a pleasing drawing :)

Keep up the good work!

Commented on behalf of ProjectComment
Istrandar Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi!  I'm from ProjectComment.

First I want to say that your piece is great. It looks really dinamic thanks to the cool pose you created !
The character design is nice and well executed and you show well expressions !
But, you got a lot of room for improvement there. I think you could try to work more on the lineart, some lines are a little bit shaky and you could improve a lot of the drawing by using line weight variation (I don't know if you can use it on
SketchBook Express).
Sadly I don't know SketchBook so i can't tell you anything about it.
You should try to mimic what you did on the shirt to do the lighting: the part of the characters illuminated should be really brighter than the rest. There, it feel a little bit like you just changed colors (exepted on the shirt where it is very well done).
The background is cool and look really sci-fi ! You could just add some ground and cast shadows to make it better.
I hope it helped you, have a nice day and keep working you are doing great !

Sparkleswords Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the comment!

Unfortunately there's not many customization options for pens in the Express version, and I'm still working on getting used to using a tablet in the first place, so linework is a work in progress.

There actually is ground and shadows here, they just got a bit blended in...even I have trouble seeing the lines unless my monitor brightness is all the way up, and I drew the thing. I'll keep in mind making it a little more distinct in the future, though. :)
LedZeppelinGirl Featured By Owner Edited Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay, sci-fi! This is a really cool picture. I like the form and the subject. Maybe add some more shadow and glow for contrast on the subject?
Sparkleswords Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! Ha, I feel like when it comes to shading/shadows I should always go past what I think is reasonable...and then go a little past THAT. :P
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